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Chehre (Faces) by S.M. Azhar Aalam

A play in Hindi with English Supertitle
Produced by: Epic Actors' Workshop, New Jersey
Artistic Director: Usha Ganguli (An eminent Director from India)

Synopsis of the play

Chehre or faces...gorgeous faces....unattractive faces....repulsive faces....innocent faces....bright faces.....shy faces....faces...the most beautiful creation of God. It is said that God loved mankind so much that he molded the face himself. Each face is an "open book" one only needs an eye to read it. Each wrinkle, each line and each feature has a story to tell.

The play Chehre examines the vices of alcoholism, violence and the barriers it posses, the insecurity, the torture and the uncertainties it creates in the mind of the family members.

Chehre is a story of five women: A Grandmother, her two daughters Amina and Nasima and Amina's two daughters Ishrat and Razia. These five women are all victims of circumstances and each try to justify her action.

The lives of Amina, Nasima, Ishrat and Razia revolve around the past life of their Grandmother. who was an authoritarian mother to Amina and Nasima. Amina was a docile daughter. But with time and circumstances she turns alcoholic and become a notch. As a result Nasima revolts against her mother and leaves her home to marry the man of her choice. Ishrat turns a blind eye to her mother Amina’s behavior. Whereas Razia on the other was disturbed and repulsed with their mother, mina and frustrated by her sisters apathy. Years ago Nasima revolted and left home...Razia rebels and searches for the ultimate escape.




SATF 2009 will be held at NJPAC, New Jersey on December 12th and 13th 2009



Venue NJPAC – Victoria Theater
12th December 2009

7:45pm - Opening Ceremony
8:30pm - Red Oleanders

13th December 2009

3:15pm - Chehre
5:00pm - Post performance discussion


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