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Little Clay Cart

Produced By: Epic Actor's Workshop, New Jersey
Director: Dr. Farley Richmond, Director of South Asian Studies, University of Georgia, Atlanta
Light Designer: Richard E. Dunham, Associate Professor, Head of Design, University of Georgia
Costume Designer: Kathy Parrott (Broadway)

About the Play

Little Clay CartThe Little Clay Cart is, for Sanskrit theatre, atypically romantic, funny, and thrilling. As one of the earliest Sanskrit dramas, Little Clay Cart was created in South India, perhaps in the seventh century CE. Set in the city of Ujjain, so secular and universal is the story that it can be situated in any society, and it has, including in Bollywood film and by the BBC. Charudatta, a bankrupt married merchant, is extramaritally involved with a wealthy courtesan, Vasantasena. The king’s vile brother-in-law, unable to win Vasantasena’s love, strangles her, and accuses Charudatta. The court decides the case hastily, condemning Charudatta to death. Fortunately, our heroine rises from the dead to save her beloved, and all applaud their love. At this climax, the regime changes, and the rebel-turned-king makes Charudatta lord of an adjacent city. This production will be inspired by a desire to wed elements of conventional Balinese topeng with those of the ancient Sanskrit theatre, particularly kutiyattam.




SATF 2010 will be held at NJPAC, New Jersey on November 20th and 21st 2010



Venue NJPAC – Victoria Theater
20th November 2010

7:00pm - Door Opens

7:30pm - Event Starts
Aparna Sindhoor Dance Theater/Theatrix, New Jersey

21st November 2010

2:30pm - Door Opens

3:00pm - Epic Actors' Workshop, New Jersey
5:00pm - Post performance discussion



Tickets can be purchased directly form NJPAC website

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