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The Last Flames

Written and directed by Sudipta Bhawmik
A Production of ECTA Inc.

About the Play

Little Clay Cart Basanta Koomar Roy, an expatriate journalist from India, is credited byTagore researchers as one of the key person responsible for popularizing the Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore in USA.  But Roy fell from his idol's grace for reasons that torment many a biographer and journalist even today.  "The Last Flames" attempts to re-examine the relationship between Roy and Tagore and provides a peek at the human side of the great Poet's personality.

Samar, a young trainee journalist, comes to interview Basanta Koomar Roy in his apartment in New York city, sometime in 1948. Basanta is excited to share his experience on his activities as an Indian nationalist freedom fighter in USA. But Samar tells him that he is interested in knowing about his experience with Rabindranath Tagore, since he was the first to write Tagore's biography in English for the American people.  Basanta refuses to talk about his Gurudev until Samar uses his ultimate weapon that opens the flood gates of memories and emotions of this old admirer of Tagore.




South Asian Summer Theater Festival  will be held at Crossroads Theater , New Jersey on July 9th  and 10th 2011



Venue Crossroads Theater
9th July 2011

6:30pm - Door Opens

7:00pm - Event Starts
"Mrinal's Letter" /Epic Actors Workshop
"The Hunt" /Aparna Sindhoor

10th July 2011

2:30pm - Door Opens

3:00pm - Event Starts
"Musical" / Manjori School of Performing Arts
"The Last Flames" / ECTA Inc.
"Missed Call" /Goutam & Debshankar Haldar (India)



Tickets can be purchased directly from Crossroads Theatre website or from

For Saturday tickets click here

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You can also contact Kousik Bhowal at 732-910-1962