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Missed Call

Produced By: Naye Natua Production, India
Playwright: Debshankar Halder
Director: Gautam Halder

About the Play

A report: Times of India, Kolkata October 20, 2008.
People regularly fake it …. On their Phones
Communifaking, The Practice Of Pretending To Talk On The Mobile, Is Catching On Globally
Have you ever taken out your phone and pretended to make a call when you see somebody you want to avoid speaking with? If not, you are in minority. According to new research from a British mobile operator, the deceit is particularly used – or abused – by younger people in UK. It found that 74% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 admit to communifaking – 42% of women and 32% of men conceding they fake phone calls.
For some people, communifaking is a peculiar phenomenon that indicates insecurity. quoted WA Tomlinson, a 53 year old retiree as saying, “It smacks of fear because it says I’m afraid.”

The all-pervasive cell phone has finally made its way to the Bengali stage, not to be lauded but to be criticized.
Missed call, the play written by Debshankar Halder and directed by Gautam Halder, critiques our preoccupation with the handy communication tool. (The Telegraph; 23 December 2008).

The play is about the new phenomenon of communifaking, where people pretend to talk on the cell phone… The belief that more phone calls mean a person is more socially indispensible.

Missed call begins with brothers Laltu and Rony trying to fight parental and social pressure by communifaking. Laltu and Rony have not been allowed to live the life of their dreams, so they live in their dreams. They are now in a mental clinic. They construct different identities for their fake callers and at times play the roles of their father, lover and even each other; but no one really calls or receives any phone call and slowly they start believing that the lady doctor in charge of them is the woman that they had both loved.

There is an interesting use of role reversal. The tone of comedy persists even when the performers recite serious poetry, and the comedy becomes an affront. The music has been scored by ‘Mokam’. There are no sets and only a bench is used. The play can be performed just about anywhere.

Playwright: Debshankar Halder
Direction: Goutam Halder
Laltu: Goutam Halder
Rony: Debshankar Halder
Dr. Mitra: Ms. Dyuti Ghosh
Music: Mokam
Duration of the play: Approximately 1 hr. 25 mins. (No intermission)




South Asian Summer Theater Festival  will be held at Crossroads Theater , New Jersey on July 9th  and 10th 2011



Venue Crossroads Theater
9th July 2011

6:30pm - Door Opens

7:00pm - Event Starts
"Mrinal's Letter" /Epic Actors Workshop
"The Hunt" /Aparna Sindhoor

10th July 2011

2:30pm - Door Opens

3:00pm - Event Starts
"Musical" / Manjori School of Performing Arts
"The Last Flames" / ECTA Inc.
"Missed Call" /Goutam & Debshankar Haldar (India)



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