SATF 2009

Farley Richmond

Farley Richmond is Professor of Theatre and Film Studies and Director of the Center for Asian Studies, University of Georgia. He has directed a wide range of Asian and western plays and musicals.

Director of the Center for Asian Studies, University of Georgia

Sanjana Kapoor

Sanjana Kapoor director of the famous Prithvi Studios in Mumbai, belongs to the Kapoor family. A shrewd administrator, charmer and plain theatre-crazy, she has successfully turned Prithvi theater into a thriving zone for Indian and international experimental theatre

Director, Prithvi Theater, India Special guest of honor

Chehre (Faces)

Chehre or faces.. gorgeous faces... unattractive faces.... repulsive faces.... innocent faces.... bright faces..... shy faces.... faces... the most beautiful creation of God. It is said that God loved mankind…

Usha Ganguli Eminent director from India

Red Oleanders

This is the story of Nandini, a beautiful woman who appears at a time of the oppression of humanity by greed and power. The antagonist in the story is the King, who represents enormous authority but…

Ronobir Lahiri The next generation Broadway Actor