SATF 2011 (Summer)

The Hunt

This 50 minute dance theater performance piece is based on a Bengali short story by Mahasweta Devi, translated into English by Gayatri Spivak in the collection “Imaginary Maps”. Hunt is a story of the tribal Indian woman, but her battle against the deforestation of her homeland and her revenge against a sexist man from the city. This story is performed through a blend of Indian classical and folk dance and world music.

Hindusthani Classical music & Tagore's Theatre

This musical representation of Rabindra Sangeet applied to drama finds its base in classical Ragas. The piece highlights the similarity of tunes that bring out the mood and enhance an atmosphere. The age old classical compositions greatly influenced Tagorian theater

Missed Call

The all-pervasive cell phone has finally made its way to the Bengali stage, not to be lauded but to be criticized. Missed call, the play written by Debshankar Halder and directed by Gautam Halder, critiques our preoccupation with the handy communication tool. The play is about the new phenomenon of communifaking, where people pretend to talk on the cell phone… The belief that more phone calls mean a person is more socially indispensible.

Debshankar Halder

Key Participants

Mrinal's Letter

Based on Rabindranath Thakur's short story "Streer Patra", this production is a woman's spiritual quest for identity, role, space and peace in life...

The Last Flames

Basant Kumar Roy an expatriate journalist from India, is credited by many as one of the key persons responsible in popularizing the Noble laureate poet Rabindra Nath Tagore in USA. But Roy fell from his idols grace for reasons that torment many a biographer and journalist. The Last Flame attempts to reexamine the relationship between Roy and Tagore and provide a peek at their humane side.

Gautam Halder